30 minute timeline and abrupty killed jobs


I’ve noticed that quite a few jobs in the last week were killed by the timeout enforcer [1], and almost all of these are down to the kickstarts being used not having the ‘reboot’ keyword included.

The projectraindrops workers rely on the machine instance being built to go through a power cycle request once the install is done, this is the only way the system knows that the job is indeed done and all the scripts, options, packages, changes etc have been applied already. So if the kickstart isn’t going to request the ‘reboot’, the installer job will just sit there for the rest of its time allocation and then get killed by the enforcer scripts.

The ‘reboot’ keyword works for CentOS-5/6 and in the rhel7beta, so please use it.

– KB

Generating Root passwords for the kickstart files

Its important that you generate and use private passwords for the root accounts in the Images we build and deliver from Project Raindrops. And if you have a linux machine handy, its pretty straightforward to generate new ones, all you need to do is :

openssl passwd -1

( Thats a 1, one not an L )

You should get prompted for a new password, then again to confirm it and should have a random string. Copy the entire string, including the starting $ and replace the line in the kickstart that looks like :

rootpw --iscrypted $6$uv54QCRVhyyABQ86$5rz


rootpw --iscrypted {your new pass>}

If you are using the template default kickstart, this is on line number 6.

– KB

Timeboxing image builds to 30 minutes


We are going to start enforcing a 30 minute max build time for the VM / Images. This is down to a couple of reasons, but mostly to work around people doing random and crazy things. Most builds run in 5 to 11 minutes, so this should not impact most people – however, if there is a reason you really do need to have the image provision run for longer, get in touch and we can white list your account.

Note that this only applies to the image build, the disk conversion, compression, delivery and notification tasks are not included in this time limit.

– KB

CentOS 6.4 is now the Default CentOS-6 build source

Hi,As of a few minutes ago, CentOS-6.4 ( both x86_64 and i386 ) are now the default CentOS-6 build sources. If you need to build CentOS-6.3 based images, you can still do so by using /6.3/ in the repo lines, rather than the default /6/. Reading material that people might find handy:

– KB

Latency in the builders


There are a few latency issues in the builders. Each image build is taking almost 50 minutes ( rather than the typical 5 to 6 minutes ). I hope to have this fixed and the fix deployed during the day on Thursday Mar 7th. Apologies for the backed up jobs in the mean time.

– KB

Running Mock builds

Every Raindrops job consists of a Kickstart file, that defines what the contents of the generated image should look like; and a config file, that defines the environment, the metadata, the delivery mechanism and the notification requested by the user.

One key element of this config file is the ‘type’ element. This is used to define what sort of an environment the build should be run in, and also what sort of an environment the image will be consumed under. So far we have only had ‘kvm’ as a valid type. Which generates a HVM image. As of a few minutes ago, we now have ‘mock’ as a valid build type.

Using ‘mock’ as the build type will result in the job running through all the steps, with full validation and result handling, compress, delivery and notification except that no build is done. Handy for when you just want to test the system or just test your configs and kickstarts through the entire lifecycle without actually needing an image to download.

– KB